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Susan joins Phillip Shofield and Holly Willoughby
Posted 2018-05-24
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Taken by our own wasforgas!
Posted 2018-05-23
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Album: Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage (2012) (Feat. Michael Crawford)

Posted 2018-01-13
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Fans travel from across the world! before IDAD's first performance, on March 26, 2012.
Posted 2017-10-27
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Susan Boyle couldnâ??t hide her delight as she attended the local village gala in her hometown of...
Posted 2016-02-26
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Susan visits Pinewood School (and meets the chicken named Subo by the students, after her.) Pinew...
Posted 2016-02-26
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St Mungo's Broadway Woolly Hat Day - a charity devoted to the homeless - a hat and signed photo f...
Posted 2016-02-20
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In her new role as Patron of the Regal Bathgate Theatre, Susan Boyle returned to support the loca...
Posted 2016-02-20
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Fifty Susan Boyle fans from nine countries have chipped in to buy one of the Scottish singing sen...
Posted 2016-02-20
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