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NorCalKay wrote: (Subtitled through annotations only): Originally uploaded on 12 Dec 13, which wa...
Posted 2016-04-01
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NorCalKay wrote: In case you've been living under a rock, Simon Cowell's "Got Talent" world empir...
Posted 2015-08-06
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NorCalKay wrote: This new countdown show looks at the 20 most controversial talent show moments, ...
Posted 2015-07-21
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Susan Boyle gets ready for her first series of concerts and struggles with nerves...

Posted 2015-05-10
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French channel NT1
Posted 2015-04-21
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NorCalKay wrote: (From Live Stream with mild buffering): This fascinating documentary on STV foll...
Posted 2015-03-29
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Posted 2009-12-13
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