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Susan's very uplifting messages...

Forgive and forget | 0:20
Madonna is the best medicine | 0:48...
Posted 2017-11-22
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NorCalKay wrote: This new countdown show looks at the 20 most controversial talent show moments, ...
Posted 2015-07-21
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Sr. Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen explains Susan Boyle's Asperger's diagnosis and what it...
Posted 2015-03-08
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Press Association wrote: Singer Susan Boyle has revealed she is giving up sweets for the next 40 ...
Posted 2015-02-18
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Cameron Mackintosh talks to's Imogen Lloyd Webber about Susan Boyle's game-changing ...
Posted 2015-02-01
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In the summer of 2014, Disney came out with the movie, "Million Dollar Arm," a true story where a...
Posted 2015-01-26
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Break Time with Diana Falzone: Word on the street is Susan Boyle is dating a doctor.
Posted 2014-12-03
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NorCalKay wrote: Susan Boyle Sings with SC Governor's School Students. GREENVILLE, S.C. - Grammy ...
Posted 2014-11-18
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alanmarsh69 wrote: Short Out Take of Susan Boyle and a funny dog at the Queens Baton handover in ...
Posted 2014-10-21
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