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Interview by Neil Drysdale in advance of Susan's headline appearance at the Glamis Proms on July ...
Posted 2017-05-27
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Susan congratulates "Sort our Shelters" for a successful campaign to license pet rescue shelters....
Posted 2017-05-16
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Susan sang "I Dreamed a Dream" again!

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Edward Reid @mredwardreid - (pictured)
Posted 2017-03-04
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Susan sang "I Dreamed a Dream"

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Eileen Scott
Brilliant variety show at the Kings ...
Posted 2017-03-04
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IT'S where you will find the main cast of Trainspotting alongside Billy Connolly enjoying the amb...
Posted 2017-02-27
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Andrew Panton was made Professor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, sixth among the top 10 A...
Posted 2017-02-01
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A new commercial using the same song, 'Amazing Grace', as the last commercial aired in 2015. Sus...
Posted 2017-01-22
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Susan, pictured here with the late Pebbles in 2009, (and her new addition, Tessie) joined a myria...
Posted 2017-01-21
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Susan Boyle celebrates success of youngsters in Bathgate-based Moore House Care and Education

Posted 2017-01-02
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