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Susan performing...

Thanks to Forum member Jhall
Posted 2017-12-06
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Susan performing...

Twitter, Cheryl Jones
Posted 2017-12-06
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from the Facebook page of Geraldine Easton

Hundreds of people turned out at Udny Green Church {i...
Posted 2017-12-06
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This is a picture of the inside... Thanks again, Annette.

Hundreds of people turned out at Udny...
Posted 2017-12-06
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This is a picture of the outside of this lovely church in Aberdeenshire. Thanks, Annette.

Posted 2017-12-06
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From the Liverpool Echo:

"Britain's Got Talent dancer Julia Carlile confirmed sheâ??s on the ro...
Posted 2017-10-26
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At the Royal Conservatiore of Scotland, Susan receives an Honorary Doctorate in Music -- I'd say ...
Posted 2017-07-31
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After the finale, a close-up, from left to right, Jai McDowall, Susan (with flowers!) and Simon B...
Posted 2017-07-24
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Close up of Susan with the flowers
Posted 2017-07-22
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