2009 Only the Beginning for Susan
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Submitted By: mckat1149 on December 31, 2009
About the Image: only the beginning for Our Susan ...Happy New Year Susan Fans
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mckat1149 commented on January 04, 2010
Yes Linda I think Susan grew up being the baby with hand me downs and she probably never got to develop her own style..! She doesn't know how to fix her hair or pick colors and styles that flatter her...and I would love to be her personal companion and do her hair ..she needs to have bangs when she has bangs she looks so cute...and it softens her face..and she needs help with her with styles of gowns and so forth.. The thing is Susan can wear just about any color the more vibrant they are the more beautiful she looks...yes it is disappointing that they don't keep her site more current... you would think that as soon as there is breaking news you would see it there first...and they should announce her shows and performances...­it is disappointing..­.I hope that Susan is being guided and cared for by her staff and not taken advantage of ...I worry about that for her...hugs Kat
Linda Sharon commented on January 04, 2010
Well she just needs a meeting with us girls. We have lots of ideas. First of all lose the Japanese hairdreser and keep the Harper's Bizarre one - wear dresses that have an empire waste -- heck we're middle aged and know what to do with a mid rift bulge. Call us Susan. And also = hire someone GOOD to monitor your offical site - it's hurtin.
judi scheer commented on January 03, 2010
lets hope we get to see Susan wearing different colors this year. She looked great in the different outfils HB had for her.
tumbleweed commented on January 01, 2010
gorgeous Susan in red. How we ached for her as she continued her round of post Britain's Got Talent venues -- we celebrate Susan's subsequent achievements. We'll never stop loving her.
Selimron commented on January 01, 2010
2010 will be Susan's Greatest year!!
pretty@55 commented on January 01, 2010
Love the red gown.