Applause for Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: CanadianBill on March 02, 2010
About the Image: Poster of comments from other performers
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YorkieMama commented on March 03, 2010
I think you've summed up the experience of listening to Susan sing with all of the comments - and some of them are actually competitors in the music business. She must have something in the quality of her voice that the music industry is missing
jaja commented on March 03, 2010
Maybe bit enlarged, but be it beautiful. Score:10+++
sunny skies commented on March 03, 2010
What a great tribute to Susan! I hope she gets this enlarged & puts it somewhere she can see it every day so she will know how much she is loved.
LE commented on March 02, 2010
Indeed it is readable. Thanks for this. I was surprised to see Bocelli's feelings about Susan, hope they meet and sing together.