Noel's present of all her team of management
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Submitted By: tania32 on December 18, 2009
About the Image: Susan reçu en présent de Noël, un cadre massive (exécutif) de son équipe de gestion
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Selimron commented on December 23, 2009
I wonder where Susan is going to put all her awards.
Sandrausa commented on December 21, 2009
Very lovely photo and well deserved. There will never be another Susan Boyle. She can't be improved upon.
Cita commented on December 21, 2009
Well deserved Susan. Congratulations­!
pomsarepeople commented on December 21, 2009
Susan will have to add a wing to her house to add all the accolades she'll be receiving.
BeMe commented on December 19, 2009
What a huge frame and present for such a pretty little lady... now where to hang it?!
jaja commented on December 18, 2009
Wonderful picture! Thanks. Score:10