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Submitted By: bhallettm on September 26, 2009
About the Image: From Mark Jeffries video on AGT.
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GJL commented on October 24, 2009
What courage it took for her to walk out on that stage for the first time! And yet, she seemed completely at home and comfortable as she commenced to astound the world. She is truly a hero for modern times and to think she came from obscurity to this amazing place - and from the ranks of the common people. It's no wonder we are all so in love with her, she is US!
someone who cares commented on September 26, 2009
The introduction Susan gave here in America before her debut of Wild Horses was precious. I love how she really shared with us all what she has been going through, When she clasped onto the beads of her necklace, I could just see Susan at church with her rosary beads - something to comfort one either going through or remembering a tough time. I adore the picture of Susan as a young child and those Shirley Temple locks - very endearing - the eyes of a child say so much and so honestly.
Selimron commented on September 26, 2009
I'm so glad bhallettem posted the words on the introduction video. I had a hard time figuring out what Susan was saying. Thanks for posting the words!!!
eg07 commented on September 26, 2009
Beautiful photos.