SuBo picture by rf
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Submitted By: rf on July 30, 2009
About the Image: I just would like to say that this picture is really made with love and it is my tribute to Susan. In no case was it meant to be a caricature. So if the picture looks like a caricature to somebody I apologise in advance. And it is my first try I will try to make better ones soon.
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cartoonist52 commented on August 24, 2009
Very good Score:10
Jeana commented on August 02, 2009
Beautiful job! Loves the colors and of course, the subject, our beloved Susan! Thanks, for sharing-Love to Susan fans
rf commented on August 02, 2009
I think it´s time to thank you all for such nice comments. I really didn´t expect it.
Falcon commented on August 02, 2009
Great job! Kinda resembles the SUBO doll also.
friendopunkin commented on July 31, 2009
No need to apologize. This is great! Loved it!
Selimron commented on July 30, 2009
This must be the Lady Susan Doll.
sailette commented on July 30, 2009
Your px is adorable.... You have captured the way she electrified the world when she started to sing.....and you have captured what some of us have loved.... the way she uses her hand(s).......I believe that being in Susaland "means never having to say your sorry", particularly when you've captured it so well....~~~/)~~­~
Marjenda commented on July 30, 2009
I love the picture. I've seen some on the net that absolutely, I'm going to add this one to my collection.