Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: mariquita on August 05, 2009
About the Image: Lavender dress
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cartoonist52 commented on August 23, 2009
birthe commented on August 22, 2009
love that photo , lady Susan are just looking so young and beautiful score 10
Esther commented on August 10, 2009
She transformed into a very beautiful butterfly and a Princess!!! You deserve whats coming to you Susan.. Congratulations and God is Always With You.
leonina -Australia commented on August 08, 2009
I woud love to know what Susan said or thought of herself when she saw this pictures.Now she has to belived that she is beautiful.Pleas­e belive it Susan because you are.
WAMcKinley commented on August 06, 2009
Was it the editor of Harpers that termed Susan's skin "creamy??&­quot; Dreamy creamy!!
Grammy707 commented on August 06, 2009
OH MY GOD! L@@K how BEAUTIFUL she is... Girl, I'd say you really burshed up like a PRINCESS!
pomsarepeople commented on August 05, 2009
She looks amazing. Considering she's never had any work done, she's obviously a naturally pretty woman with gorgeous skin.