Susan Boyle Fansite 50,000 Members 2
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Submitted By: CanadianBill on February 04, 2010
About the Image: Poster for 50,000 Member Celebration
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JA commented on March 28, 2010
This is the most visually interesting. It overtly flatters the members too. Good job!
AnneV commented on February 28, 2010
my favorite score 10! well done!
Gharden commented on February 23, 2010
This one is also my favorite. Six beautiful photos of Susan. Score: 10
gcy1 commented on February 19, 2010
Bill, this is my favorite. Score 10.
lttlesis commented on February 18, 2010
Bill, Good job. I like this one the best.
CanadianBill commented on February 08, 2010
Thank you all for your comments :>)
sis23 commented on February 08, 2010
I really like this one, thanks
KarenLynne commented on February 08, 2010
I agree, they are all good but this one hits all sides of our Susan. I think this one is a winner. Great work as usual!!
Another Susan commented on February 07, 2010
This really says it all. It has the many sides of Susan, is attractive, and has a focus with the picture at the bottom. You do some great work! The other poster is neat and clean and tidy and uncluttered, but this poster really puts it all together.
annilouise commented on February 07, 2010
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