Susan Boyle - The Expression of Profound Beauty in Charcoal
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Fahlym (Fall-em)
Submitted By: Fahlym (Fall-em) on September 13, 2009
About the Image: Soon to be completed.

The resemblance of her humble soul. I was captivated with inspiration by Susan Boyle and was deeply compelled by making a tribute in humble honor towards her career.

This is a copyrighted works and came from my own composed ideas.

Humbly, Fahlym
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red commented on October 29, 2009
She sure is a humble soul and you capture her beautifully.
seashell commented on September 16, 2009
Fahlym, I appreciate your response .Thankyou from Canada
Fahlym (Fall-em) commented on September 15, 2009
To Mom, (Sonel McKain) Oh, thanks mom. That was very nice of you. It's really nice to have one's own mom share her thoughts. I never anticipated that. LOL ;) Thanks again mom
Sonel McKain commented on September 15, 2009
Lovely work my son Fahlym. You are truly a gifted artist and very giving to those who you believe are humble and good from the heart. I am sure Susan will be touched by the grace and beauty as you see in her to be, as she is also a true artist like yourself. It is an absolutely beautiful charcoal drawing that brings out the true beauty of Susan Boyle. Love Your Mom, Sonel Arie McKain
Fahlym (Fall-em) commented on September 14, 2009
IN RESPONSE TO: seashell I am so very happy you were able to depict the meaning, having a deep understanding of the work. It was the words that you have expressed of what you see of what I wanted to evoke and portray to everyone the meaning. It took me sometime to actually envision this composition and than I went to work here and there. It was a VERY EMOTIONAL process because it is what I see of her as so many others do and would want the work to evoke her humble soul as best as I could. It is a story to be told of the soul, "The Expressions of Profound Beauty." Thank You Humbly seashell, you have understood it's hidden content meaning and that is something that has made me emotional as to see another captivated with understanding. Humbly In Heart, Fahlym
seashell commented on September 14, 2009
A soul stirring picture.I feel like she is inside a quiet place ...her memories perhaps due to the fact that her eyes are closed.They draw me into this emotional, peaceful picture...Score :10
Grammy707 commented on September 14, 2009
This is so LOVELY! My! My! It took my breath! Someone needs to make sure she gets this, she'll love it.
Fahlym (Fall-em) commented on September 13, 2009
Thank you kindly and humbly ever so much. I am deeply filled with warmth from your impact and words. Humbly In Heart, Fahlym
bluewren commented on September 13, 2009
That is a lovely tribute to Susan Boyle and a nice artistic effort.
Raaona commented on September 13, 2009
you have my respekt for your work