Susan Perfect in Purple
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Submitted By: mckat1149 on July 18, 2009
About the Image: ah now this dress..... this color is pretty on Susan .....she carries it off so well...wish I could dress she would be full of vibrant colors She is a beauty ...I think!
After years of suppressing it .....of being the youngest of 8 living children..... she probably got hand me downs and never got to develope her own style...! But now Susan can ask herself what do I want, who am I , I am Susan Boyle a professional singer,
and a beautiful woman...look out guys she is beautiful, rich, and available to the right suitor..!! Also remember she has 4 brothers you have to convince besides Susan Kat creator
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mckat1149 commented on July 19, 2009
ah that was I do online graphics lol and got sick of the gray dress so I colorized her dresses and picked vibrant colors lol my days in retail I guess coming thru and was surprised to find that Susan looks good in all vibrant colors ...! her darker hair and her skin coloring go with any of the to do and more of a festive and celebrative atmosphere..! thanks and hugs Kat
ammo commented on July 19, 2009
I love Susan in all the bright colours....some­one made a video clip. (Sorry can't remember who)...changing the colours andesyou are rght...throw out the greys and beiges Susan, stick to the vibrant colours....