Susan gets World Peace Tartan - 8/6/15
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About the Image: Victor Spence dreamed a dream that he would some day be able to present a World Peace Tartan scarf to Susan Boyle.
Susan Boyle was a special guest at the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo with a number of friends and family - and dropped passed the Tartan Weaving Mill before the Tattoo began.
Victor said: 'I was at the Tartan Weaving Mill right next to Edinburgh Castle that's the venue for the amazing Tattoo. Susan Boyle was standing just outside on her way to the Tattoo when staff at the Mill handed me a World Peace Tartan scarf and suggested I should present her with one.
Victor said to Susan: 'I have a World Peace Tartan scarf for you. I'm giving this scarf to you in a gesture of peace and friendship' She was surprised, very grateful and seemed to enjoy the scarf and it's meaning. Susan Boyle said: 'It's for peace ... peace it is then!'

The World Peace Tartan was created to convey a message of peace while also through the licensing of the brand, design or products will generate revenues to fund the activities of a charitable foundation. The World Peace Tartan Foundation will invest in education initiatives that build a culture of peace and nonviolence and address child poverty.
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