Susan goes back to the fifties
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Submitted By: mckat1149 on July 28, 2009
About the Image: Susan in a pony skirt? lol yup! thanks for looking Kat, creator

would love to have you at my Always and Forever Susan Boyle
letter site? if interested copy and paste link:
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cartoonist52 commented on August 24, 2009
This is cute..Score:10
mckat1149 commented on July 30, 2009
Selimron When I make my letters I use themes with Susan in them and if you don't like them don't look! Secondly ...Susan is not a he..! lol Kat
Selimron commented on July 29, 2009
I don't think Susan wants to go back to the fifties. After all, he was born in 1961!!