pre-BGT - 'Fame', at Talent Contest April 10, 1998
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Submitted By: bhallettm on December 19, 2009
About the Image: Taken from old video from this site which you can view. Picture taken in Lanarkshire.
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dublingausafan commented on January 10, 2010
Fame- she is lighting up the world sky now.
bhallettm commented on December 24, 2009
4/10/98 is most likely Oct 4, 1998 as people over the pond put day and then month.
loyal susanfan commented on December 20, 2009
WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW­!!!!!!! I love how Susan sings with a lot of soul in that video!!!! She gives me the chills every time she opens her mouth :)
jaja commented on December 20, 2009
Thanks. Score:10