Susan with her Music Award
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Submitted By: mckat1149 on December 31, 2009
About the Image: Gift from her team
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digimi commented on January 10, 2010
You go girl. You deserve it. Love you dearly.
mckat1149 commented on January 01, 2010
Selimron that is a good question! lol She will need to purchase Susan Boyle Manor a nice piece of property with securtiy and then she will have to have a music room for her piano and all her I can just envision it now..a country estate with country gardens ..and a pool ...something only fit for Susan and Pebbles..and staff to live Kat
Selimron commented on January 01, 2010
Where oh where is Susan going to put all of her awards?
pretty@55 commented on January 01, 2010
Susan it will be very hard for anyone to win the PCA over you. You are destined to win. You are a beautiful and great lady with a beautiful voice to match