Susan wows Japan with her IDAD performance
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Submitted By: bhallettm on January 01, 2010
About the Image: AP photo/sport, Hochi, Atsushi Ando from
"The singer's performance gave the crowd a beautiful number from her album IDAD that had the entire country talking - a nice welcoming for the Scottish singer who has swept the world through her beautiful voice."
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Sandrausa commented on January 10, 2010
Our sweet Susan has the whole world's attention in the music industry. Anyone who loves music could not say she is anything but the greatest. She is a blessing to the world.
Jersey Nancy commented on January 06, 2010
I work with teenage girls ( I'm a school counselor) who assume and fear much about success and failure (they have a hard time with process). I invoke Susan's story when appropriate; they all love her voice and story even if the music style isn't quite to their taste. Susan is a blessing.
Linda Sharon commented on January 04, 2010
Lookit her! Posed as the star she is!!
jaja commented on January 03, 2010
Susan be the gift from God for whole world.Score:10