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Submitted By: fossilbarb2 on August 05, 2009
About the Image: Coming in September's Harper's Bazaar
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leonina -Australia commented on August 08, 2009
I just love that this poeple give Susan an oportunity to see herself in this way.A paper in Australia(The Herald Sun) said: "Susan got talent..and looks.She is the picture of success".
CzechLadyUSA commented on August 06, 2009
Stunning photo! She looks radiant and beautiful. She has waited all her life for this!
dutchoma commented on August 06, 2009
The lighting in very interesting. You photograpers, please give some info on the lighting in the various photos.
hotpotpie commented on August 06, 2009
SOLYTE is pronounced this way: SOUL LITE (Accent 1st syllable)
hotpotpie commented on August 06, 2009
Shd have read: PRINCESS OF THE WORLD - This refreshingly beautiful, poised photo of formerly shy SUSAN BOYLE in formal gown is stunning! Susan now also now will be HARPER'S the Lady Other Ladies Yearn to EMULATE, or briefly, the acronym SOLYTE !!!
hotpotpie commented on August 06, 2009
Refreshingly beautiful, almost poised photo of tne newly groomed, formerly rather shy, Susan Boyle!