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a facebook post: Ony Mcleod
1 hr · Edinburgh, United Kingdom ·
OMG tescos is usually a chaotic n...
Posted 2016-12-05
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Susan Boyle performing for Children in Need, at "Pudsey Does The Musicals" -- singing "I Dreamed ...
Posted 2016-11-19
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"Well done to everyone who performed at Regal Theatre's Showcase gala on Friday, and thank you to...
Posted 2016-10-03
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"Perth CHall+Threatre @ HorsecrossPerth
Lovely to see the cast of @TheBroonsFamily and @SusanBoy...
Posted 2016-09-30
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Susan having a bit of fun!

photo by Rita Sterling
Posted 2016-09-25
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Scott Kyle posted an album on FB today from last night.The photo is of Susan with Charles Earley ...
Posted 2016-09-24
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"Susan at the auction this evening"

photo by stevieboy49, and posted on FB.
Posted 2016-09-23
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Susan is giving a concert at the Blackburn Bowling Club in Blackburn, Scotland on Saturday, July ...
Posted 2016-07-10
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Martin Kemp â?%8F@realmartinkemp 5h5 hours ago
Thank you @SusanBoyleHQ for coming to my show to...
Posted 2016-07-11
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