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Scott Kyle
Bathgate, United Kingdom ·
Susan Boyle at @realmartinkemp tonight @BathgateRegal en...
Posted 2016-07-11
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From Facebook:

Darren Sims
We had a great time at Bathgate Regal Community Theatre tonight wi...
Posted 2016-07-01
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Susan signed a t-shirt and donated a copy of 'Hope' for the charity -- she has regularly supporte...
Posted 2016-07-03
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Classes in MUSICAL THEATRE and DRAMA, DANCE and kids CHOIR in Livingston (Scotland). Developing s...
Posted 2016-06-22
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with Joyce Wilson (Joyce is Scott Kyles's mother, Artistic Director at The Regal)
Posted 2016-06-25
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Susan, with the cast of Dirty Dancing. Once again, Susan supports the theatre where she is a pat...
Posted 2016-06-25
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Andrew Panton (Susan's Musical Director), Susan, Nikky (Susan's hairdresser) and Lorraine (Susan'...
Posted 2016-11-25
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'Though I may not know the answers I can finally say I'm free' {from 'Who I Was Born to Be'} @Sus...
Posted 2016-05-06
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'Fabulous evening at Tree House Gala. Susan Boyle sings Medley of tunes to raise Treasures for Te...
Posted 2016-05-06
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