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Up-do: Susan wearing a curly brown wig and hat. The movie is scheduled to be released around the ...
Posted 2013-04-19
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A vision in maroon: Susan Boyle in her period costume as she films The Christmas Candle in the Co...
Posted 2013-04-19
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Feeling the cold: The 51-year-old singer admitted she was finding it cold filming outside in Febr...
Posted 2013-04-19
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Posted 2014-10-19
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Posted 2014-10-19
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"Met the beautiful and talented Susan Boyle on the set of ChristmasCandle. #mysonghero"

Photo ...
Posted 2013-04-19
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‘Famous Mouths Are Opening Up for Miracle Whip’, including Susan's!

Choir Vocals by Charissa N...
Posted 2014-10-14
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Posted 2014-10-13
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Susan did this one under the radar, but we found her out. She said, "I didn’t expect anyone to r...
Posted 2014-10-11
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