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Posted 2015-12-24
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With Paddy McGuinness, the host
Posted 2015-12-24
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Paddy McGuinness paying homage to Susan, after she sang!
Posted 2015-12-24
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with leukemia survivor 11-year-old Gracie Linn
Posted 2015-11-22
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.@SavetheDogsSTD receives the Special Commendation for supporting an outstand...
Posted 2015-11-18
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“Now Subo has pledged support for Cats Protection by drawing a unique paw print to be auctioned t...
Posted 2015-11-16
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Susan always supports PoppyScotland!

Poppyscotland is the leading charity supporting the Armed...
Posted 2015-11-07
Viewed 84 times an impromptu performance of 'I Dreamed a Dream'
Posted 2015-10-30
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Hush-hush - Susan secretly flew to Israel to appear at the TLV Convention Center for Google Israe...
Posted 2015-10-29
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