IDAD: the Musical 2012
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SUSAN BOYLE -Susan Boyle sings at Theatre Royal Newcastle by Gordon Barr
Posted 2012-03-24
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Gordon Barr interviews pardonmeboy, and shows a clip of 'I Dreamed a Dream', and the whole of "Wh...
Posted 2012-04-17
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Fans travel from across the world! before IDAD's first performance, on March 26, 2012.
Posted 2017-10-27
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Susan Boyle makes a special appearance on stage during the musical about her life, I Dreamed A Dr...
Posted 2012-04-17
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Telegraphtv - Elaine C.Smith with clips from the musical.
Posted 2012-03-28
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Lizo Mzimba interviews Susan Boyle, with Elaine C. Smith about the upcoming Stage Musical, based ...
Posted 2012-03-28
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Ryan Tubridy talks to Susan and Elaine C. Smith about the upcoming musical on the Late Late Show,...
Posted 2012-03-10
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Posted 2012-03-04
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Posted 2012-04-17
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