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I just saw our lovely Susan in the television. The emission was abour the 25 years of "Les Misera...
Posted 2010-05-16
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Posted 2010-04-24
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Susan?s Boyle In Nippon Budokan Tokyo, Japan April 1, 2010 Concert in the Budokan Hall
Posted 2010-04-02
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Most photos are by Subofan. The fans are at Susan's greet and meet birthday party.
Posted 2010-03-31
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March 2010.
Posted 2010-03-10
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Poster of comments from other performers
Posted 2010-03-02
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Susan sang IDAD on a spectacular stage with orchestra to standing ovation by the italians.
Posted 2010-02-19
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Screen shots from blurry video. Gives some idea of what happened. Taken Feb. 16, 2010.
Posted 2010-02-16
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Screen shots of Susan being interviewed by Mark Phillips Feb. 14, 2010. Photos taken in Scotland.
Posted 2010-02-14
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