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Congratulations Susan on reaching 50,000 fans. I'm so proud to be one of them. Your an amazing ...
Posted 2010-02-06
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Susan's inner beauty shines through changes in her appearances. She looks younger and younger.
Posted 2010-02-04
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Poster for 50,000 Member Celebration
Posted 2010-02-04
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Poster Celebrating 50,000 members at
Posted 2010-02-03
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I was so impressed by how young and gorgeious in her performance in Demark that I made composite ...
Posted 2010-01-30
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Photos taken from the video and printed as a transfer because the video was changed to reverse.
Posted 2010-01-02
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Gift from her team
Posted 2009-12-31
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Posted 2009-12-31
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the most wonderful part is that we all get to go on the journey with wonderful is that....
Posted 2009-12-31
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