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Our Susan starts a New Year and many more awards and adventures for Susan maybe even LOVE...
Posted 2009-12-31
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She is doing it folks and it is only the beginning for Our gal...

Posted 2009-12-31
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Susan wonderful Susan...!
Posted 2009-12-31
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Posted 2009-12-31
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only the beginning for Our Susan ...Happy New Year Susan Fans
Posted 2009-12-31
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Susan so happy singing for her fans..
Posted 2009-12-31
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Susan Boyle at Noreta Airport near Tokyo,Japan. 5 photo collage.
Posted 2009-12-29
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Thank you all for making this such a wonderful, uplifting, encouraging site to support one extrao...
Posted 2009-12-22
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I want to wish all Susan Fans a wonderful and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010 filled w...
Posted 2009-12-22
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