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I just thought it very nice and flattering
Posted 2009-12-19
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Susan reçu en présent de Noël, un cadre massive (exécutif) de son équipe de gestion
Posted 2009-12-18
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Collage of photos of Susan's life to the present.
Posted 2009-12-05
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Posted 2009-11-30
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Posted 2009-11-26
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From Mark Jeffries video on AGT.
Posted 2009-09-26
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Wild Horses from TV with some captions.
Posted 2009-09-20
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Broadway Presenting Susan Boyle...Kat
Posted 2009-08-23
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grab your September Susan Calendar...Kats Creations

link below to my letter group portraying S...
Posted 2009-08-23
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