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Posted 2015-03-17
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Susan's 3rd album will be released November 2011
Posted 2011-08-31
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'A Mother's Prayer' comes from Jackie Evancho's first full length album, 'Dream With Me', release...
Posted 2012-07-29
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FanOfSubo wrote: This is the extra track that's included on the Japanese version of The Gift, rel...
Posted 2015-02-22
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From 'The Gift', Susan's second CD

US release on November 9, 2010
Posted 2014-09-07
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I just love this video so much because you can listen to Susan's real voice in this!

US relea...
Posted 2011-07-24
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Some of the biggest names in UK and American music have joined forces to record an emotive cover ...
Posted 2014-10-03
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Susan Boyle, from "I Dreamed a Dream" Japanese version

Japanese release November 23, 2009
Posted 2011-05-17
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