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Audience member video: Blaauw220 wrote: You Raise me Up. Thank you!

Posted 2015-10-04
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Lloyd Loots â?%8F@Lloydi_Boy Sep 19
@NadineNet on stage with @SusanBoyleHQ at @SuperSkouspel to...
Posted 2015-09-21
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Justin Osmond wrote: Susan Boyle sings "I Dreamed a Dream" while Justin Osmond signs the song in ...
Posted 2015-09-11
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Carol Fawdry wrote: Susan Boyle UK Hearing Fund Gala 2015 video by Gloria
Posted 2015-08-09
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Chris GALLOWAY wrote: Susan Boyle invited by Merrill Osmond to sing Crazy Horses for the Osmond U...
Posted 2015-08-31
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Uploaded by lyn morgan on 2015-07-19.
Posted 2015-07-19
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lyn morgan wrote: 'I Know Him So Well'
Posted 2015-07-19
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Uploaded by L Elliot on 2015-07-20.
Posted 2015-07-20
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GoGoSusan wrote: Early arrived fans enjoyed the chance to see/hear Susan. (the wind died down lat...
Posted 2015-07-20
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