Susan's Performances
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Some of the biggest names in sport, music and broadcasting perform the unofficial anthem of the 2...
Posted 2015-01-12
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TheSBFII wrote: Sung/recorded on the Terry Wogan show (BBC2 Radio) live Nov 2014 You can buy Susa...
Posted 2014-12-13
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He Reigns wrote: Susan sings You Raise Me Up on QVC UK Promoting her new album HOPE
Posted 2014-11-22
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He Reigns wrote: Susan sings "I Can Only Imagine" on QVC UK Promoting her new album "HOPE"
Posted 2014-11-22
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BBC Children in Need wrote: Susan Boyle performs 'Wish You Were Here'...
Posted 2014-11-14
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Lorraine interviews Susan on her return from her US Tour; Susan performs 'Angel' from her latest ...
Posted 2015-05-07
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Susan sang 23 songs each night during her USA tour across America but the finale was always this ...
Posted 2018-01-09
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Susan Boyle touring across the USA plays piano and sings her original song 'Who I Was Born To Be'...
Posted 2018-01-08
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Susan sings an animated rendition of 'O Happy Day'! From a private collection...
Posted 2017-12-09
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