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I uploaded video again as it wasn't playable in some countries.
Posted 2009-06-25
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Of over 500 in my collection, these are my
favorite pictures of...
Posted 2009-06-29
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Very good sound. Susan sing: I dreamed a dream, Cry me a river and Killing me softly.
Posted 2009-06-30
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It has been an adventure to follow Susan from the very first beginning - here is my "version"...
Posted 2009-06-30
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"A Mother's Prayer"

A tribute to Susan and her Mum...

music: Celine Dion

by TommyUSA

Posted 2009-07-15
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This is Part 2 of
My Susan Boyle Photo Album

hope you enjoy.....


Posted 2009-07-18
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Just putting my old videos up since I was asked to. This may be a repeat for some older members, ...
Posted 2009-07-19
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This is another old one but I updated it. Made for Pebbles they were missing each other. Petula C...
Posted 2009-07-19
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Think about this...If, in fact, everyone of us are here for a reason....Just Maybe, that is why o...
Posted 2009-07-20
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