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This is another old one but I updated it. Made for Pebbles they were missing each other. Petula C...
Posted 2009-07-19
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Think about this...If, in fact, everyone of us are here for a reason....Just Maybe, that is why o...
Posted 2009-07-20
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We wait impatient Susan CD. Also new picture-have on new video.
Posted 2009-07-28
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About the video:
'My loving tribute to Susan Boyle
...whose ONE song changed my life forever....
Posted 2009-07-28
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Butterflies - ANGEL'S kisses is a tribute to Susan and all her fans.
Music: "Angels" by Enya
Posted 2009-07-31
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When you put your heart in it ,it can take you anywhere.
A tribute to Susan and her journey.

Posted 2009-08-17
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The rain is gone.

Music :
I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
By : The Drifters
Posted 2009-08-19
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You excuse me, I give the same song, but I have a mistake in my computer. It video is for fans no...
Posted 2009-08-19
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Susan's Journey
Posted 2009-08-19
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