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For rock fans, only for shorten the time wait Susan's CD...
Posted 2009-11-06
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Posted 2009-11-06
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My way of honoring Susan going into the next stage of her career.
Posted 2009-11-05
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New York ,New York By Frank Sinatra
Posted 2009-10-25
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Sorry for the sound.
Posted 2009-10-23
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A Tribute to Susan's new album.

Song :

Up To The Mountain
By Patty Griffin
Posted 2009-10-11
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bluewren2 wrote: -created at
Posted 2009-10-03
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♥ SUSAN, YOU ROCK! ♥ by TommyUSA

What else can I say?....

Posted 2009-10-02
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Need I say More?
Posted 2009-09-28
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