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From Susan's album "Hope"
with lyrics, HD Scenic
By Giulia Zarantonello
Posted 2015-05-10
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From the album "Standing Ovation"
with lyrics, HD scenic
By Giulia Zarantonello.
Posted 2013-05-28
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Susan Boyle singing Oh, Happy Day from her latest Album, Hope released in the US on 8 October 201...
Posted 2014-11-05
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Susan Boyle singing Auld Lang Syne. A tribute video for fans who attended the following functions...
Posted 2014-09-21
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From the album "I Dreamed a Dream" (Japanese version)
with lyrics, HD scenic
By Giulia Zaranton...
Posted 2014-08-28
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Tribute video for Susan Boyle's latest release, 'The Lord's Prayer'.

Youtube by David Francis
Posted 2013-11-19
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David Francis wrote: Susan Boyle singing Auld Lang Syne. Commentary
Posted 2013-09-01
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The cover art for "The Gift" was so breathtaking, and to me matched the ethereal vocals of Miss S...
Posted 2011-12-21
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Susan Boyle Unchained Melody 2011 Classic movie trailers 1930's-1950's
Click on the YouTube logo...
Posted 2011-11-14
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