US Tour 2014
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by teesiel
Posted 2015-05-31
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by teesiel
Posted 2015-05-31
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NorCalKay wrote: Susan Boyle Sings with SC Governor's School Students. GREENVILLE, S.C. - Grammy ...
Posted 2014-11-18
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Kathleen0787 was in attendance, and she wrote:

"Susan was great, beautiful and the crowd loved...
Posted 2014-10-22
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snippets of 'The Impossible Dream', 'Angel', 'Hold Me', 'As Long As he Needs Me'

by JudyMcKinn...
Posted 2015-05-31
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In Oct/Nov 2014 Susan Boyle toured across the USA performing 18 concerts from California to Flori...
Posted 2014-11-09
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Marble bathroom!
Posted 2014-10-21
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She's traveling in style!
Posted 2014-10-21
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Singer Susan Boyle is hitting the road for her first US tour â?? in a bus more luxurious than her...
Posted 2015-05-31
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