US Tour 2014
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Larcaillet was in attendance, and she wrote:
"Her stage presence continues to soar. After about ...
Posted 2014-10-21
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Susan Boyle Keeps Things in Perspective

"Late-blooming songstress offers counsel on the import...
Posted 2014-09-27
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A very, very happy Susan Boyle, speaks with the Mirror's, Katie Hind, after a successful CA run o...
Posted 2014-10-20
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Kathleen0787 was in attendance, and she wrote:

"Susan was great, beautiful and the crowd loved...
Posted 2014-10-22
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He Reigns wrote: Thursday 27 November "We caught up with our good friend Susan Boyle this morning...
Posted 2014-11-28
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He Reigns wrote: We caught up with Susan Boyle, chatting about her new album: 'Home For Christmas...
Posted 2014-10-17
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Andrew Dickens' Sunday Café (Newstalk ZB Aukland radio) spoke with Susan from New Zealand while s...
Posted 2014-11-06
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Break Time with Diana Falzone: Word on the street is Susan Boyle is dating a doctor.
Posted 2014-12-03
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by teesiel -- Filmed on my iPhone but she still sounds beautiful
Posted 2015-05-31
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