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A very, very happy Susan Boyle, speaks with the Mirror's, Katie Hind, after a successful CA run o...
Posted 2014-10-20
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SUSAN BOYLE, the Scottish singing sensation who rose to international fame as a contestant on Bri...
Posted 2014-10-18
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Fiorella Pace interviewed Susan just days after the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games (Open Ceremon...
Posted 2014-08-07
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Sam Mac wrote: Susan Boyle meets her match as she spends 3 minutes 25 with TV's Sam Mac. #Romance...
Posted 2014-08-03
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Sam Mac (McMillan) interviews Susan in Glasgow for Wake Up Australia. Susan discusses the Common...
Posted 2015-06-01
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Susan Boyle is interviewed in Glasgow just before her appearance at the Opening Ceremony of the 2...
Posted 2014-07-24
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Susan Boyle carries Queen's Baton in Glasgow Subscribe for the latest news from PA:
Posted 2014-07-25
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Andrew Neil, Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo have a special programme from Edinburgh with a stu...
Posted 2014-09-21
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It's been five years since Susan Boyle made her musical breakthrough on "Britain's Got Talent." T...
Posted 2014-07-11
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