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Showing 19 - 27 of 165 items posted â??What Susan Boyle Would Change in Her Famous â??Got Talentâ?? Auditionâ?%...
Posted 2014-10-21
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Susan joined hosts on Live! With Kelly and Michael to sing the moving "You Raise Me Up" & Announc...
Posted 2014-09-27
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NorCalKay wrote: Susan covers a wide range of questions about her past & present experiences, and...
Posted 2014-10-21
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It's a very special Sunday evening edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Praise the Lord" mu...
Posted 2014-06-30
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Theshowbizlion wrote: via YouTube Capture
Posted 2014-10-21
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Affinity TV wrote: The Affinity team spent the day out in Bathgate at the West Lothian Highland g...
Posted 2015-06-25
Viewed 13 times posted â??VIDEO: Susan Boyle chats ahead of Sheffield showâ?%9D by Graham Walker fr...
Posted 2014-03-20
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He Reigns wrote: Susan stopped by the studio to perform I'll Be Home For Christmas & an interview...
Posted 2014-10-17
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Fern Britton talks to Susan Boyle, who was catapulted overnight from being an unemployed, middle-...
Posted 2013-12-18
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