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DeadlinenewsTV wrote: JLS, Susan Boyle, Boy George and Neon Jungle all spoke with Deadline News a...
Posted 2014-10-17
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Posted 2013-10-30
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TheSBFII wrote: STV Announcement of Susan Boyle Elvis Presley duetfrom her fifth album Home For C...
Posted 2014-10-17
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Press Association wrote: Susan Boyle tells Nicholas McAvaney of film biopic plan Subscribe to the...
Posted 2014-10-18
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susanboylemusicuk wrote: Order 'O Come All Ye Faithful': Order ...
Posted 2014-10-17
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Susan Boyle announces she's joining Save The Children as an ambassador, plus some proceeds from h...
Posted 2013-10-30
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Scottish singer Susan Boyle has joined forces with Save the Children as a Global ambassador to su...
Posted 2013-10-31
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Laura Boyd caught up with Susan Boyle backstage at the Kings Theatre Glasgow after her solo conce...
Posted 2013-07-12
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Theshowbizlion (Beverly Lyons) wrote: Subos assistants spill beans. The sound goes wonky for a w...
Posted 2014-10-17
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