UK Tour 2014
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Promo video, susanboylemusicuk.
Posted 2014-05-16
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Last year Susan Boyle began her tour in Scotland, with 7 two hour performances. This year, 2014, ...
Posted 2014-05-02
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Video and images from Susan Boyle's concerts in Scotland and England and Wales. No copyright mate...
Posted 2014-04-27
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Security was very tight regarding filming, & a couple of times I had a torch shone on me, indicat...
Posted 2014-04-16
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Susan was interviewed by Paulette Edwards. (Song tracks have been deleted)
Posted 2014-03-25
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purplesusan2602 wrote: Uploaded by purplesusan2602 on 2014-04-10.
Posted 2014-10-21
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sillygloria wrote: Susan Boyle Stage door Stoke, Uk April 2014
Posted 2014-10-21
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The P&O Ferries Choir, who won the BBC TV programme 'The Choir: Sing While You Work', accompany S...
Posted 2014-05-14
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FanOfSubo wrote: This video is thanks to Wasforgas!
Posted 2014-10-21
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