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On exhibit at the Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate, Scotland.

Susan is a patron at the Regal; h...
Posted 2017-08-24
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A poster by the Forum's own Canadian Bill. Terrific job, as usual!
Posted 2017-07-16
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Close up of Susan with the flowers
Posted 2017-07-22
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After the finale, a close-up, from left to right, Jai McDowall, Susan (with flowers!) and Simon B...
Posted 2017-07-24
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After the finale, flowers!

photo by Lewis Milne
Posted 2017-07-19
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Rehearsal for 'Thank You for The Music'
Posted 2017-07-20
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Susan, doing her traditional gesture, after a song.

From The, https://www.thecouri...
Posted 2017-07-17
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Photo by Lewis Milne
Posted 2017-07-19
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Susan, singing her heart out...

From The,
Posted 2017-07-17
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