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Posted 2011-04-01 by SBFII Admin
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From Susan's 6th album

Photo by Jason Bell
Posted 2014-09-15
Viewed 117 times
"Daniel Hewitt @DanielHewittITV
Been chatting to Blackburn's most famous resident about the refe...
Posted 2014-09-17
Viewed 117 times
"Popped into the gyle and only met Susan Boyle! #Subo
Such a cutie and I'm well cheesing haha" ...
Posted 2014-09-12
Viewed 90 times
"SuBo "

Photo tweeted on September 12, 2014 ~ from Edinburgh.
Posted 2014-09-12
Viewed 55 times

Photo taken on September 12, 2014 in Edinburgh and posted on Instagram.
Posted 2014-09-12
Viewed 75 times
"So I met Susan Boyle haha"

Photo tweeted on September 12, 2014 from Edinburgh. Susan's been s...
Posted 2014-09-12
Viewed 98 times
"The amazing #susanboyle"

Photo taken on August 30, 2014 at a wedding near Edinburgh that Susa...
Posted 2014-08-31
Viewed 211 times
This photo was captioned "I have died and gone to heaven!" It was taken on August 30, 2014 at a w...
Posted 2014-08-31
Viewed 132 times
"Susan Boyle btw that mark on dads top is a spilled drink #susanboyle #dad #duet #subo #lol"

Posted 2014-08-25
Viewed 117 times