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Nikki, Susan's hairdresser, relaxing at the outside garden at the hotel prior to Susan's performa...
Posted 2016-05-06
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...with Andrew Panton, her musical director, and Lorraine, her PA, for a performance at TreeHouse...
Posted 2016-05-06
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Susan continues to support former winners of Britain's Got Talent -- Jai McDowall won in 2011.
Posted 2016-04-24
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Susan with former Celtic player Murdo Macleod
Posted 2016-04-24
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John Hartson FND
It was lovely to have the amazing @SusanBoyleHQ atte...
Posted 2016-04-23
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Susan with Derek Murray. Derek is a Freelance Producer/Presenter/Commentator, mainly on BBC Rad...
Posted 2016-04-22
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Susan with her friend Annette
Posted 2016-04-22
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Susan continues to support her music director, Andrew Panton, in a performance of John Kolvenbach...
Posted 2016-04-24
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Susan with David Hasselhoff, who was in the Peter Pan panto.
Posted 2016-01-07
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