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Canadian Bill's poster of the event
Posted 2015-09-20
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Thanks CanadianBill
Posted 2015-08-09
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Victor Spence dreamed a dream that he would some day be able to present a World Peace Tartan scar...
Posted 2015-08-07
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Susan Boyle will continue her particular interest in work that supports children by appearing at ...
Posted 2015-07-24
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Susan lends her name and support to National Braille Week in the UK
Posted 2015-07-24
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Susan Boyle will perform at The Hearing Fund UK Annual Gala August 8, 2015
Posted 2015-07-24
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Susan records 'I Know Him So Well' with Peter Kay for 'Comic Relief' Charity and helps to raise £...
Posted 2015-07-24
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Canadian Bill's poster
Posted 2015-07-19
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Made by CanadianBill.
Posted 2015-06-30
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