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The theme for this year was "An Evening at the Musicals!" -- 'All I Ask of You' is from "Phantom ...
Posted 2017-07-15
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Thanks for the video, Valerie Hutton!!!

The crowd went wild!

Celtic fans Sir Rod Stewart and ...
Posted 2017-06-03
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Susan Boyle performing for Children in Need, at "Pudsey Does The Musicals" -- singing "I Dreamed ...
Posted 2016-11-19
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A fabulous compilation of Susan's three Got Talent performances ('I Dreamed a Dream', 'Memory'), ...
Posted 2016-09-15
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Taken at the restaurant 1912 on 9/11/16

video recorded by Paul Meechan, from Facebook, with the ...
Posted 2016-09-12
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From Live Stream: Susan and a variety of singing artists joined ITV to celebrate a festive Christ...
Posted 2015-12-24
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After presenting an award to SaveTheDogs, Susan sang "You Raise Me Up" to a hushed crowd.
Posted 2016-09-23
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Susan presenting an award to SaveTheDogs, and a snippet of her singing 'You Raise Me Up' at the E...
Posted 2016-09-23
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Hush-hush - Susan secretly flew to Israel to appear at the Tel Aviv TLV Convention Center for Goo...
Posted 2015-11-02
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