US Tour 2014
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Susan jokes about her audition...imitating Simon, Piers and Amanda

by Wesley Correa
Posted 2015-05-31
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Johnnie D. Ainsley wrote: Susan Boyle, the overnight singing sensation from "Britain's Got Talent...
Posted 2018-01-13
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Larcaillet was in attendance, and she wrote:
"Her stage presence continues to soar. After about ...
Posted 2014-10-21
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by Wesley Correa
Posted 2015-05-31
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by Wesley Correa
Posted 2015-05-31
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Susan sang 23 songs each night during her USA tour across America but the finale was always this ...
Posted 2018-01-09
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Susan gives a heart-wrenching rendition of 'The Impossible Dream'. From a private collection.
Posted 2017-12-09
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Susan sings an animated rendition of 'O Happy Day'! From a private collection...
Posted 2017-12-09
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Susan Boyle touring across the USA plays piano and sings her original song 'Who I Was Born To Be'...
Posted 2018-01-08
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