Susan Boyle goes shopping
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 24, 2009
About the Video: Susan Boyle shows she is down to earth as she goes shopping in Bathgate city centre.
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susanaddict commented on December 07, 2009
It is really quite amazing that she can still just 'go to the shops". I take my hat of to the people of Blackburn. Treat her well and maybe she can stay in the place she loves. I just hope it can stay this way, but............­.
Scrooge commented on November 25, 2009
Re. Susan hopping on a bus and going shopping, she has been isolated her entire adult life. Going out shopping is a personal freedom we all enjoy. Susan has to be free.
Jeana commented on November 25, 2009
Yes, stay the way you are. We love you!
a fan from thailand commented on November 25, 2009
Don't change your life Susan. We love you because of what you are. And you said I am who I was born to be, remember that. Susan, ordinary life is the best believe me. I am glad to know that you still keep your ordinary life. Go on Susan.
PaulaMarie commented on November 24, 2009
For heaven's sakes, what is she doing hoping on a bus to go shopping. Isn't there anyone who could drive her? She's a big star now and should never go anywhere without a body guard.
jaja commented on November 24, 2009
It is good! I am also hooked and wish CD NO.2! Thanks Susan - you do it!
DORIE commented on November 24, 2009
Just bought the new album and can't wait for more. I sure hope we don't have to wait another year!!!! What an incrediable voice. I'm hooked!