♥ SUSAN, YOU ROCK! ♥ by TommyUSA
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on October 02, 2009
About the Video: ♥ SUSAN, YOU ROCK! ♥ by TommyUSA

What else can I say?....



music: ''Happy Organ'' by Dave ''Baby'' Cortez

animations: from the web and by TommyUSA

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Shirley commented on October 24, 2009
Tommy I love everyone of your videos, but not this one.
Fluffydogmummy commented on October 15, 2009
This is so funny! Tommy I hope you are doing the offical video as you are so talented in the way you put stuff together
montrealer commented on October 07, 2009
Hi Tommy, can you do a video like this of Susan Boyle using the song Daydream Believer? I could imagine it's really fun.
pretty@55 commented on October 05, 2009
"Thanks Tommy; for this COOOOOOOOOOOOL video!"
wood dulcie commented on October 03, 2009
What can I say! Tommy that is great.....Fun..­...Music is great.
mystslaw commented on October 03, 2009
Too funny! Good work, Tommy! Go, Susan!
ammo commented on October 03, 2009
Nice one Tommy. Thanks for the fun. Yes, I agree Susan would get a kick of seeing this. I hope she never leaves the 'wiggle'­; totally behind....She&#­39;ll use it at the appropriate times I am sure. For example...when she meets with the Queen...and Queen Elizabeth asks Susan to do her wiggle....she&#­39;ll just HAVE to won't she?
Sandrausa commented on October 03, 2009
Go Tommy Go. The fun side of Susan is so cute, as well as priceless. This is HER time and she need's to enjoy it.
joyceleo commented on October 03, 2009
Great fun. Susan is a winner! And you too, Tommy. I can see Andrew Lloyd Webber writing an entire show for Susan. It's a story waiting to happen and what better place than the musical stage that she so clearly stated was her dream.
GOODGIRL commented on October 03, 2009
Dear Tommy, Susan would love this, I spelled her name like my sisters.....sor­ry..............­...........
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